30 May 2012 @ 06:06 pm

▌general info: i go by issabelle and i'm seventeen years old. i'm a dork, i acknowledge and accept. i am also a moody person and therefore, rant a lot- so don't be surprised to find me going on a tirade over something that is completely irrelevant to you guys.

►things i like: eating, sweets, reading, writing, painting, day dreaming, alone time, listening to music, square enix, final fantasy series, kh series, star ocean, tekken.

►music: kpop, b1a4, block b, big bang, beast, myname, rizzle kicks, stars, mystery jets, howler, rita ora, one direction, mgmt, amy whinehouse, the temper trap, you me at six, arctic monkeys.

►shows: avatar: the last airbender,the legend of korra, misfits, skins, naruto,regular show, adventure time, 6teen, how i met your mother.

►ships: korra/mako, korra/tahno, asami/bolin, asami/tahno, zuko/katara,toph/aang, zuko/mai, jet/azula, jet/ty lee, zuko/jin, suki/sokka, freddie/effy, rick/grace, matty/frankie, matty/liv, naruto/hinata, sasuke/sakura, simon/alisha, rukia/ichigo, namine/roxas, sora/kairi, vanitas/xion, yuna/tidus, cloud/tifa.

Current Music: hello & goodbye- myname